9XD Simulator & Theatre


The amazing 9XD simulator & theatre which is installed in Disney Land USA and the Universal Studio Singapore is now open at Lulu Mall First Floor. 9XD is the first to introduce theatre with flight simulator technology in the GCC with 6 Degree of Freedom (DOF) servo electric platform.

Sparkys Funpark & Ice Rink


The Butterfly is the symbol chosen for the happiness that touches the visitors at Sparky’s, particularly children who compete in the modern computer massive multiplayer games which are the characterized by testing strenght and perseverance there is also successive addition of excitement and thrill games that are provided through giant hydraulic screens and the availability of three dimensional films has added a distinctive feature that made it a popular destination for families, seminar vary in this chain between administrative, organization, planning private parties and providing cultural and educational entertainment on the Ice Skating Rink.